General Questions

Why buy from J.D. Power Systems?
J.D. Power Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of JD Equipment. JD Equipment is one of the largest John Deere dealerships in the United States and has been owned by the same central Ohio family for 30 years. As a group, we have an extraordinary commitment to customer service, ensure our staff is knowledgeable about our products, and guarantee our technicians have received proper, up-to-date training.

Why should I buy a Generac system?
Founded in 1959, Generac has earned a reputation as the company to turn to when the power goes out. Generac was the first to engineer affordable home standby generators and developed the first engine specifically for the rigors of generator use. Generac manufactures the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable, RV, residential, commercial, and industrial generators.


Ownership Questions

How do I know my generator is ready to operate when needed?
The generator will automatically run each week for a short interval of time to keep all systems operative. There is also an LED light cluster on the generator that will tell you if the unit is ready to operate.

Do I have to start the generator when the power goes out?
No, the convenience of an automated standby system is that it detects when the power is out and begins operating to restore power within seconds.

How long will my generator last?
With typical standby use and proper maintenance, your generator should last decades.

How much does a generator cost to operate?
Costs depend on a number of factors including the size of your generator, the average current demand placed on the generator, and the cost of natural gas or LP.  Below is the range of gas consumption at full load for the smallest and largest air-cooled residential units. Your unit will typically not operate at full load for long periods of time so your actual gas consumption will likely be less than these levels.  You will need to consult your natural gas bill or your LP gas provider to get your current gas rates in order to determine the operating cost based on these utilization levels.

How noisy is the generator when it is running?
By industry standards, generators are very quiet and typically develop 66db of sound. This is roughly the equivalent of having a conversation with someone at a three-foot distance.

Can I shut down the system during a long power outage to save costs?
Yes, you can shut down the unit during a power outage and then restart it when needed.

Do I have to check on the generator to make sure it is working properly during a power outage?
Your generator requires no supervision while in operation. However, it is important to ensure there is no blockage of air to your generator by lawn debris, ice, or snow drifts. If the unit does not have proper air circulation the generator could be damaged.

Does the generator need to rest during an extended power outage?
No, your generator is designed to operate uninterrupted for long periods of time.

Will the generator power my whole house?
This depends on what you specified when installation of a generator was discussed with J.D. Power Systems and a unit size agreed upon. With the proper power rating, the generator will power your whole home and all of your home systems, but if you only wanted critical devices like the furnace and refrigerator to receive power, you may be limited on the number of circuits that are available to you.

What can go wrong when the generator is operating?
A generator has an automated control system that constantly monitors your system when in standby mode as well as when operating. Should this system sense a problem, the generator will automatically shut down to protect your home and the generator itself.

Can I go “off grid” if I own a generator?
You would probably find the cost of operating your standby generator as your principal source of power to be higher than typical utility-based electric service costs. Further, while a standby generator is designed for periodic long running time and a long product life on that basis, it is not designed for 24/7 use.

Does a generator increase air pollution?
Like any engine regardless of the power source, your generator will exhaust combustion gases. However, unlike gasoline powered units, an automated Generac standby system operates on natural gas or LP gas, which are thought of as a relatively pollution free energy source.

Is it possible for the supply of natural gas to stop functioning during a power outage?
It would be very rare for the supply of natural gas to be interrupted due to a weather event that causes a power outage. However, a power outage could occur in conjunction with a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, that could damage the underground pipes used to deliver gas to your home.

Can I somehow share power with my neighbor if they have no power?
You should not share power with a neighbor during an outage. If your neighbor requires assistance, you would be best to provide resources and shelter in your home.


Installation Questions

How long before the generator is installed and working?
We can typically have the generator delivered and installed within three days of a purchase.

How long does the installation take?
It takes one day to install a unit.

Does J.D. Power Systems need to come into my home during installation?
Typically yes. Since installation of your generator requires connections to be made into your home’s existing electrical system, our installer will need access to your current electrical panel.

How long will I be without power during the installation?
As little as 30-minutes to as much as two hours.

Is J.D. Power Systems bonded and insured?
Yes, our installers are fully bonded and adequately insured.

What are the payment terms?
Cash, check, or credit card are accepted upon completion of the installation.

Does J.D. Power Systems offer financing?
Yes, we can assist you in obtaining financing for your generator. Visit our financing options page for more information or contact us directly.


Service & Maintenance Questions

How long is the warranty for my generator?
The standard warranty is for two (2) years on parts/labor and three years for defective parts. An extended warranty is also available.

How much maintenance does a generator require?
Standby automated generators are designed to require very little maintenance. An annual check up that includes changing the oil and filters can be scheduled with J.D. Power Systems, and this annual preventative maintenance can be completed without your having to be present.

Can J.D. Power Systems maintain my generator?
Yes, we offer preventative maintenance packages and 24/7 emergency service to ensure your generator is functioning properly when you need it the most.

Do I have to be home when J.D. Power Systems services my unit?
Not if we can access the generator without your assistance. For us to test the electric transfer switch, which activates when the generator starts during a power outage, you will need to be present to let our technician in your home.

Can J.D. Power Systems service a generator I did not buy from J.D. Power Systems?
We have factory trained and certified service technicians who can service most brands of residential generators regardless of who you purchased the product from.

Can I do the routine maintenance?
You may be able to complete routine maintenance if you have experience in small engine repair or maintenance. However, if the work is not properly completed and results in damage to your generator the warranty will be voided. Since the cost of the annual service is relatively low and the purpose of an automated system is to eliminate the worry of power outages, most people prefer to contract that service with us.

Does J.D. Power Systems offer emergency repair services?
Yes, we can typically be on site within four hours* if you have trouble with your system. However, with proper maintenance your system is not prone to emergency service needs.

*This timeframe is not a guarantee.

Does J.D. Power Systems offer an extended warranty?
Yes, we offer an extended warranty. Contact us to learn more about warranty options.

How much does maintenance cost annually?
Each preventative maintenance package has unique offerings and costs. Learn more here or contact us to find the package that best fits you.

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