Residential Generators

There are two categories of residential generators: automatic standby and portable. J.D. Power Systems offers and services both types and we’re happy to help you decide which power solution will work best for your needs.

Automatic standby systems are powered by natural gas or liquid propane and offer virtually unlimited continuous run times. These easy to use systems restore power to your furnace, refrigerator, or whole home within seconds of a power outage regardless of whether you are home when the power fails. Most homeowners prefer the worry free backup that automatic standby generators provide.

Portable products require a manual connection and are functional for providing on-the-go power. Portable systems are typically fueled with gasoline and can provide run times of up to ten hours before refueling is needed. These systems are housed within wheeled frames, so they can be easily transported to provide power wherever and whenever you need it.

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Residential Generator Spec Sheet PDF Download
EcoGen Series 6 kW
CorePower System 7 kW
Guardian Series 8 kW
Guardian Series 10 kW
Guardian Series 14 kW
Guardian Series 17 kW
Guardian Series 20 kW
Guardian Series 25 kW
Guardian Series 30 kW
Guardian Series 45 kW
Guardian Series 60 kW
QuietSource Series 22 kW
QuietSource Series 27 kW
QuietSource Series 36 kW
QuietSource Series 48 kW

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